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Our well trained and certified technical staff can provide to the ship any type of mechanical work with professionalism, advanced mechanical equipment and high quality service.
Inspection-Overhauling-Maintenance of main propulsion, steering gear, diesel generator and auxiliary engines of every type. Install/uninstall of complete engines, crankshafts, engine blocks.
Experienced Engineers for all of your mechanical & engine works.
Main Engine, Diesel Generators, Auxiliary Machinery, Windlass Works, Framo Pumps, Ballast Pumps, Crane Hydraulic Cylinders, Cargo hatches, Mechanical works in General

Certified Steel Works

All the steel works concerning the ship can be provided by us on board or in a ship repair zone by LR Certified and top experienced welders. From a temporary solution up to class approved professional repairs in any location of the ship.
MEKNAFT Co is approved and certified with ISO 15614-1:2004 & 15614-1:2017 for welding procedures by Lloyd’s.
Our technicians also have extensive experience in Special Cargo Steel & hot Works.


Professional Piping Works

MEKNAFT Co is capable of carrying out every type of piping work on board or/and in a ship repair zone, such as inspection and maintenance of piping system, replacement of piping, prefabrication of piping in our state of the art machine shop and fabrication of piping components. We conduct all the necessary Pressure and operation tests of the new or repaired piping. 

Dry Dock Works

Our Company provides dry docking services in a repair zone: Anodes replacement, Steel renewals, Blade grinding, Inspection of sea chest, sea valves etc., Rudder works, Work in shafts, Propeller works

Framo/other types of pumps

Inspections, overhauling and repairs on FRAMO and other types of submersible pumps.
Over the years MEKNAFT has acquired specialization in FRAMO cargo and ballast pumps. Our special mechanics team can undertake FRAMO pump works with professionalism and unbeatable timetables.
From a simple inspection to complete overhauling, you can rely without any hesitation on our team.
We have also extensive experience in fabrication of wear rings, shrink rings for impeller or hubs and various pump components.
Our works to many well known tanker shipping companies testify the Quality of our services.

Windlass Works

Long time experience in Windlass and related works.
From assembly to disassembly of complete units, repairs on spot, shaft refurbish, bushing fabrications, brakes and brake pads renewal, load tests, gear manufacture & replacement and all the works concerning vessel’s mooring equipment.
Always in respect to vessel’s strict timetables without losing any time.
Quality meets professionalism.

Other Services


Water Ballast Treatment System Prefabrications & Installations



Precision Machinery and Fabrications for your vessel, yacht, boat needs.



Cylinder Liner Honing Machine. Designed, fabricated & tested by Meknaft.


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